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Learn more about my experience and impact as a:

Educational Consultant

Educational Consultant

A 20+ year leader in education.  She is an innovative facilitator of professional learning and instructional coach for leaders, teachers, students and stakeholders alike.


She has a Bachelor's degree in Spanish and a Masters and Specialist degree in curriculum and instruction.  


Her certifications include Spanish and Educational Leadership with personal experiences and training in autism, non-verbal communication, and English Language Learners. 

To learn more, download this helpful guide to my Educational Consulting services.
Life Coach

Life Coach

A 20+ year leader in helping children and adults alike accomplish their performance goals.


Charmaine has integrated her love of fine arts into her career as an educator. As a result she has partnered and facilitated latin dance classes, performance arts, fashion shows and other competition/expression events in order to empower the community with the confidence of public speaking, performance, modeling and other fine arts expression and experiences. 


As a certified professional life coach, Charmaine enjoys helping others unlock their keys to their own success. Her arts integrated approach to goal-setting, planning and execution leads others towards self-awareness, identity and self actualization. Exceptional 1:1 coaching, relationship and spiritual counseling are key components needed for holistic health and wellness.

To learn more, download this helpful guide to my Life Coaching services.
Artist & Poet

Artist & Poet

A poet, writer, speaker and artisan of creativity.


She enjoys exploring and learning different fine arts and multimedia. She takes joy in modeling for charitable organizations, acting, singing, and video editing and multimedia design, etc.,


Charmaine Jennings’ stage name is “C-Maine,” and she creates poetry and writes songs and stories inspired by her personal life experiences. She takes you on a journey to self-discovery, reflection, time-travel and the exploration of life lessons and compelling questions.


Are you ready to have your thinking challenged and perspective broadened? Book her for your next event!

To learn more, download this helpful guide to my Art, Poetry & Performances.


Let's take the first step and get on a call together to see if we're a good fit. 

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